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Sample Breakfast


Please select from cafetiere Colombian coffee

or our Tea selection

Miles West Country Tea, PG Tips,

Clipper and  Twinings teas:

Early Grey, Pepper Mint , Chamomile, Rooibos, Green Tea, Wild berry, Lemon and ginger.

If you are in a rush let us know.


Full English Breakfast:-   Fried Eggs or scrambled eggs        Grilled Bacon

                                                    Breakfast Pork Sausage                 Grilled Tomato



Fried Egg with Grilled Bacon or Scrambled Egg with Grilled Bacon


Vegetarian Breakfast:- Fried Eggs or scrambled eggs

Herb Potatoes             Baked Beans

     Grilled Tomato             Mushrooms


Fried egg or scrambled egg on brown or white toast


2 boiled eggs with toast  or     baked beans on toast


Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon


Bagel with cream cheese and Smoked salmon


Bagel with cream cheese and sliced cheese


Mushrooms sautéed in butter on toast


Wholemeal and white Toast and preserves. Please ask if you require extra toast.


available on request from your waiter


Fruit Toast

We only use free range eggs. Allergy information available from your waiter.

Nut traces may be present in some foods and all cereals.

Sausages supplied by Local Butcher Terry and Sons